A Cashless ATM is your solution for customer payments. This Cashless ATM allows customers to use a debit card to pay for products. When using our POB system, merchants can accept cashless payments at their retail counter and their funds settle into their account at our bank or credit union.

At checkout, customers swipe their card through a Verifone VX series terminal, then enter their 4-digit PIN and accepts a small convenience fee (just like an ATM) per transaction.

This option is a favorite of many business owners because it has no processing fees and only a small monthly admin fee. Cashless ATM can save businesses thousands of dollars in monthly processing fees.

• Out-of-the-box, plug & play processing capability

• A Fast and easy application process

• Wifi and mobile Cell ready for delivery payments

• Customer pays an ATM convenience fee per transaction

• No processing fees and no long-term contracts

• 24-48 hour settlement with online reporting

• Works with Business Bank Account or Personal bank Account

All accounts are FDIC-insured.

With our easy application process, you can start providing a value-added convenience to your customers in no time!