Instantly Receive or Make Payments

CashGrab makes payments simple. Instantly pay virtually anyone, anywhere, any time day or night. Make real-time B2C payments and/or reimbursements to independent contractors saving time & money. Built-in Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process helps reduce your fraud and AML & FinCen compliance risk. Integrated bookkeeping features help simplify tax return and 1099 preparation and reduce audit risk.

Simplify your payments. Sign up online or with your phone anywhere. With the proper documentation, clients can be on-boarded in minutes.

Business and Cardholder Benefits

Businesses can make multiple B2C payments to a group of cardholder recipients.

Cardholders sign up once, then can receive B2C payments from multiple businesses, or directly from member to member (P2P).

Businesses can make unlimited B2B transfers to their vendors & other payees using the CashGrab payments platform.

All payments within CashGrab settle instantly. Allowing you the ability to access your funds quickly.