How long does it take for an ACH deposit to settle into account?

Standard bank processing times apply, so as quickly as the bank(s) will settle the payment; clients should allow 2-3 days to settle into recipient account.

How long does it take for wire deposits to settle into account?

Wire transfers are available same day if received by 12:00 pm PST.
Requests made after cut-off time will be processed next business day.

How long does it take for a payment B2B sent within the platform take to appear in account?

B2B Payments made through the CashGrab Platform (receiving and sending party’s),
if made during banking business hours will be available same day. If request is made
after banking business hours transfer will occur next business day.

How can I see an external account that I have added?

Once you have added an account you should see it in your External Account
Management Menu. This list will show all accounts that are able to receive payments from your CashGrab Account.

Can a merchant make a cash deposit into their CashGrab account?

Yes. With the banking details given to them by CG Financial. They will be able to make cash deposit. And see funds same day if made before 12:00 pm PST.

Can a merchant make check deposits into their CashGrab account?

Yes, allow up to 5 business days for funds to clear.

Can a merchant wire money into their CashGrab account?

Yes. funds will be available same day if deposited before 12:00 pm PST. Once wire has been sent please send a copy of the trace number given by your bank to

What does the merchant need to do to receive their deposits?

Once the Merchant has deposited funds into the CashGrab funding out, Merchant must then request for an External Transfer through their CashGrab Online Account.

How do I start using my account for Payroll/Company Expenses?

Using your Cashgrab Account for Payroll is easy. Simply issue Debit Card to Employees for
payroll, then send Direct Payments to their card INSTANLY!

How do I schedule a cash pick up?

Email Include contact information, wait for CG Financial to contact you to discuss details.

How long does it take for scheduled cash pick-ups to show in CashGrab account?

If scheduled before 1:00 pm PST funds will be available same day. If scheduled after
1:00 pm PST next business day.

Are there any fees to sign up for a CashGrab Account?

Yes. These fees will be discussed before signing any agreements.

How do I get a CashGrab Account?

Simply fill out the application through and select the different types of accounts you are interested in. CashGrab will contact you to discuss further details and options.

Do you offer 1099 Form Preparation and Processing?

Yes. Sign up for this service and have all employees issued a 1099 form for end of year taxes.