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Application Process

Step 1

Complete Pre-Qualification form.

step 2

Sign and accept account terms and fees.

Step 3

Submit required documents.

step 4

Cashgrab verifies information before creating your account.

Business Banking account

Offers cash deposits, scheduled pickups, pay utilities, taxes and vendors. Enjoy our Wisely  Debit Card program and allow employees to receive payment instantly.

tax payments account

This account allows you to pay your state and local taxes. Instantly Schedule ACH payments, with the click of a mouse.

merchant account

Use our cashless ATM service to accept debit payments from customers. 

Payroll account

Employees can instantly receive payroll payment and reimbursements with our Wisely  card program.

Our Trusted Bank Partners Provide Access to Banking Services.

Once your application has been approved, we’ll provide you the name of the bank that will hold your funds, the routing and account numbers. CashGrab Inc. manages the delivery of services on behalf of our bank partners.