CashGrab Platform

The CashGrab software platform simplifies your B2B and B2C payments. With a CashGrab account, businesses can instantly pay virtually anyone, virtually anywhere at any time, day or night. Businesses can make real-time B2C payments and/or reimbursements to consumers and promoters, saving your business time and money. The platform's built-in Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process helps to minimize your business' fraud risk (from employees & others) and aims to maximize compliance with AML laws and FinCen regulations. The platform's integrated bookkeeping and accounting features help businesses simplify tax return preparation and reduce the risk of audit, while providing Form 1099 preparation and processing for those clients that request it. The CashGrab platform also provides a versatile virtual wallet for users, so members can send funds to each other (B2B or C2C) and other cardholders (B2C and C2C).

The account sign up process can be done online, with your phone, or in person. With the proper documentation, clients can be onboarded in minutes.

CashGrab has made paperless payments simple.

The CashGrab software platform also allows business clients to market more effectively to everyone in their target market. The CashGrab platform houses data: KYC data, spend data, and a variety of other consumer data valuable to business customers. Marketing clients do not need to "shotgun market" and hope for a return on their marketing dollars. Ads and promotions can be targeted to specific consumers and groups, with demonstrated affinity for the products and/or services in question. In addition to data, the CashGrab platform provides powerful analytics to help businesses properly and efficiently incentivize and reward their employees, contractors, promoters, referral agents and consumer target audience. These targeted promotions allow CashGrab consumer members to receive coupons, discounts and other rewards and bonuses from local businesses and other members in the CashGrab network.

CashGrab In Action - An Example

Assume you just flew into Las Vegas for the weekend. Your taxi or limo driver gets paid to his or her CashGrab card/account, and knows all the discounts and coupons available to you for your weekend in Las Vegas. Your driver tells you that you can take advantage of all of this simply by downloading the CashGrab app on your phone while in the car, by scanning the QR code facing you on the back of the driver's seat. You sign up quickly, create your profile and opt-in, and begin receiving e-coupons, promotions and discounts from CashGrab businesses and partners.

Everyone wins. The CashGrab platform and analytics help you select coupons and discounts to improve your stay, the driver will receive a reward for his part, and the business not only gained a customer but also can use the platform's analytics and geo-fencing features to create and utilize an in-depth customer profile to help it send you only those promotions it knows you will like.) If you have opted in, you will continue to receive coupons and discount specifically targeted for your likes, for online or bricks-and-mortar purchases. When you return to Las Vegas, you will know all that weekend's specials, discounts and coupons, and will likely receive specific, individual, targeted discounts available only to CashGrab member.

A Loyalty & Rewards Program is also in development, to enhance the rewards to all CashGrab members for using the app and their CashGrab card/account to buy goods and services.